Daedalus Minos

Engorged in muscles and scars



Daedalus Minos The Enduring is 8 ft tall weighing in at about 700 lbs. Engorged in muscles and scars from the coliseums, he bears in his hands the the crushing blow of a 25 lbs double sided great axe. Unable to deal with stressful situations, he would occasionally go into random blood frenzies due to the post traumatic stress he and endured while being a prisoner of war.


The violence of the minotaur race has its roots in their creation. Originally a clan of ogres living on the western coast of Taladas, the Minotaur were created when the Graygem escaped its bonds and spun crazily across the world. As it shrieked over villages of high ogre folk, the people underwent a painful transformation. They awoke in the morning as minotaurs. When these hapless man-beasts sought help from their ogrish brethren, they found enslavement instead. Eventually the minotaurs broke free, sailing crude ships to Ansalon to begin anew. However, they did not leave without exacting a price. They drenched the earth with the blood of ogres the night they left, devastating the lands and lives of their former masters.

Daedalus grew up in a small minotaur fishing village with a loving mother and chieftain father. At the age of 6, a group of ogre bandits raided his home, killed his parents in front of him, then bounded him into slavery. When he arrived in the barren broken down castle where they made camp, he was branded like cattle and tossed among other prisoners to fight for survival and entertainment as the ogres placed bets and laughed as he shed blood. They would force him to sleep in cages and fed him scraps of food like a dog. Ten years later, the minotaur liberation army was sent to liberate the prisoners of war.

Daedalus recalled his first glimpse of the sun beating across his blood red eyes, but by then it was nothing more than a blight. Growing up in hell, all that he knew was how to fight. He soon realized that the outside world has nothing to offer him. When he was a prisoner of the ogres, he would at the very least get extra rations occasionally when he kept them entertained. In the real world, he was worth nothing more than the callouses of his fingers. He would look at the plague of destitution polluting the earth, how humans greedily built their settlements in the mountains and forests which so rightfully belonged to the elves, and set tavern fires just to add insult to injuries. It wasn’t until Daedalus moved into the city that he would find his true calling.

Daedalus heard tales of the great colony of Thebes and soon headed there to find work. Upon his arrival, he was held up at knife-point by a group of rogues, he blacked out and when he had awoken, he was standing in a pool of blood. To rectify himself of his crimes, they sent him to fight in the Coliseum. He recalls the moment he first held that master work great axe in his hands. Where others would feel scared, he felt safe; he felt home. Daedalus almost immediately won his pardon, and kept returning to the coliseum earning him a great title among the citizens of Thebes as “Daedalus Minos The Enduring”. With his earnings, he had bought a fishing boat in the nearby port city of Halron where our story begins.

Daedalus Minos

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