Incarnate (paladin) of Gilean.



The incarnate is unique among the divine champions in that she focuses her faith and belief into the philosophy of Balance, that the best of all possible worlds is both good and evil, both lawful and chaotic, all in equal balance. When one force becomes too powerful in a region, she fights to restore balance, either by allying with the opposing force or fighting on her own. Incarnates are always neutral.

Gilean’s Holy Order seeks to establish additional scriptoria, libraries and archives in major population centers, and it diligently maintains historical records as much as possible in every area. More than ever, the traveling Aesthetic or cleric is a frequent sight on Krynn’s roads and sailing ships, setting out to survey the world, record what they find, and return to the Great Library for another assignment.

Clerics of Gilean pray for their spells in the morning, when they wake. As this is almost always before sunrise, prayers are conducted by lamplight. An oil lamp is a necessary tool of ritual for the priesthood, just as important as a vellum scroll or parchment or a fragment of Iconochronos. The Tobril, Gilean’s cosmic book, is widely considered to be the epresentation of all knowledge known to the gods and mortals alike, and thus almost all ituals reference its existence and ascribe sayings, proverbs, and parables to it. Gilean’s lerics have a rite or an incantation for almost every occasion, sometimes in the form of a long sequence of verses, other times a simple recitation or aphorism. In any event, it seems itting that the Holy Order dedicated to Gilean be one obsessed with written doctrine and laborate liturgy.

Quests and Tasks

The clergy’s primary duty to the Holy Order is to serve the greater world as historian, hronicler, sage, or scholar. They live among the people, recording everything important that happens and sharing their knowledge with the community and the church. Elders in the holy Order also serve as instructors and professors, while younger and more active priests travel great distances and explore dangerous lands to search for lost knowledge. Occasionally, a priest is given some specific quest that entails a life of hardship, research, or study. In this, the cleric finds kinship with the gnomes of Mount Nevermind, although the priest of Gilean is more likely to attain his or her goal.


On a cold winter night, a group of travelers begin their journey to a new town after their recent encounter with a pirate ship. Sailing along the coast, the seas start to become violent rocking the ship back and forth. A sea hydra appears and takes the ship down. The travelers get thrown off the ship and onto the freezing sea. A baby girl drifts in the sea and is rescued by an Quessari. When the seas calm a fishing ship approaches.

On this day, a fisherman by the name of Jacque begins his first catch of the day unloading his gigantic net down to the sea. “It’s going to be a heavy one. Pull it in boys.” The Quessari hears the comotion and brings forth the baby to the crew. Jacque and the crew began fussing over the baby and checking to see if she is still breathing. The baby girl had a glowing locket on her. Jacque looked at the locket and saw the word “Hope” on it. Once Jacque put the locket back down, it stopped glowing. Jacque decides to take the baby home and name her “Hope”.

Hope was raised by Jacque and his wife, Sadie. Hope learned how to fish and sword fight from her father at a young age when he was back from journeys. Hope always sought balance in the world. She believes in tearing down those who abused their power and empowering the oppressed. As Hope got older, she became fascinated with tales of foreign lands. She would go into the neighboring town just to hear stories from the old wise men about their travels.

On the way home one day, Hope notices a rabbit stuck in between two rocks so she goes over to set it free. The skies all of a sudden become dark and all Hope could see was an enormous shadow overhead. Hope notices her locket starts glowing as the wyvern gets closer to her. As the wyvern drew closer, her locket began to glow and levitate. The wyvern circled overhead and flew away.

Hope returned home and had decided she had enough of a the simple life with the Jacque and Sadie. She thanked them for their love and kindness for raising her. She promised she would come back to visit when she could and send them gifts. Hope set out to with a band of traveling monks who brought charity throughout the region.

While traveling with the monks, Hope encountered many dangers from bandits and beasts. She gladly battle with those oppressors and grew to be a great fighter with her sword and shield. After 2 years of traveling with the monks, they approached a port town which Hope decided she would stay for a short time before embarking on more journeys in order to bring balance to lands unknown to her.


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