A tall man wearing sinister black heavy armor on a black horse with a black war dog.


Simply a mercenary looking for challenging work. He is a very quiet man who’s actions more than make up for his recluse. He definitely knows magic, but not common magic. His presence leaves a greasy, unclean feeling in your mouth.


Case Number: 918377661
Date: 21 October [redacted]
Reporting Officer: Marshal Victor
Prepared By: Const Eliza
Incident Type: Murder/Robbery
Location: Damian Foundary, Ansalon

Oliva: Grounds keeper. Female, 130, Half-elf
Rochester: Senior guard. Male, 32, Human
Mal Carter: Cleric. Male, 29, Human—-

Footprints (12 inch ridged leather, found in mud)
Human Remains (felled animated corpse of late Tollimer Meridian, remains held with the Ansalon Coroner)
Enchanted Signet (silver inscribed ring, reads “Eternal Life For All”

Weapons Used: Goat Skull Symbol, Morningstar, Heavy Iron Buckler, Javelin, Longbow, Dagger

On October 21, [redacted] at approximately 03:15, 4 unidentified persons entered the private residence of Anita Damian and stole several human remains. A full account of the stolen items/persons was not given. Oliva Bishop told the marshal in her witness statement that “At first everything went really dark and I heard screaming from the front gate. I hid in the bushes next to the tool shed and listened as the screaming died down. I heard hushed voices and footsteps hurry past me in the direction of the family catacombs. I was able to make out 4 people in all black hooded cloaks.” Rochester Mooring described the suspects as cultists saying “They take anything except the bodies. As soon as I arrived at the catacombs chaos ensued. As I came down the narrow stairway, I heard the captain of the guard cry out in pain. I could see his skin streaked with black necrosis as it fell off his body. Out of sheer terror, we began tripping over ourselves as we retreated from our captain’s unnaturally animated abomination. I was able to fell the dread skeleton, but the [redacted] cultists got away.” Rochester also described the weapons carried by the suspects.
After obtaining the stolen items/persons the suspects ran out of the front gate. One of the 4 suspects remained at the gate where he surrendered to the guards. Marshal Victor arrived on the scene at around 04:38, responding to Anita’s emergency signal. Victor initially took a statement from the suspect and took him into custody. The suspect identified himself as Mal Carter and told the Marshal, “Please take me! I need help! He’s coming for me.” Mal was overcome with grief and paranoia and is being held at the Marshal’s dungeon for further questioning. Victor described Mal as clearly derranged in need of mental healing. His demeanor switched erratically from calm and polite to twitchy and hysterical, which is consistent with psychopathic behavior. His cloak was made of silk and his skin was unnaturally pale. He seemed well fed and hardy. Eye and hair color were gray which seemed even more unnatural.
Mal v. State of Ansalon ([redacted])
Facts: Mal and three other men robbed private catacombs and killed 3 guards—kidnapping 2 of their corpses. The Local Court ruled that Mal was not guilty by reason of insanity; there was a direct appeal by Ansalon to the State Court.
Issue: Is insanity a valid plea in a capital punishment trial of criminal necromancy due to its extremely heinous nature.
Holding: State of Ansalon dropped all charges as part of a plea bargain which directly resulted in the capture of 3 suspects related to the case.


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