Maximus the wizard

Maximus's smug look doesn't reveal the knowledge and sharpness of his experience.


Maximus’s straight hair neatly coiffured to reveal a fine, lively face. Dancing black eyes, set low within their sockets, watch intently over the rivers they’ve become enchanted by for so long. A scar stretching from just under the right eye , running towards his right nostril and ending above his right eye leaves a stinging burden of lost comrades. There’s something enthralling about him, perhaps it’s a feeling of anguish or perhaps it’s simply his disposition. But nonetheless, people tend to worship him, while trying to please him.


Born into a wealthy merchant family, Maximus lived a good childhood. Born with the silver spoon in his mouth, he was able to indulge in his passions instead of working. He was a fantastic scholar and had a passion for magic. Whenever his family would bring shipments in from abroad to the hometown port, he would always ask to examine anything magical and try to skim through all the text he could. He was a fantastic reader and had a near photographic memory. Maximus would occasionally act as a negotiator for bigger trades on behalf of his family with great success. He would use his superior charisma and knowledge to get great deals and twist trades greatly in his family’s favor.

Maximus started his own small magic shop as an offshoot partner to his families merchant trade. He would resell certain niche magical items that he saw come through their warehouse. He enjoyed this because of the large commissions on these niche magical items he came across and it allowed him large amounts of time to spend studying and tinkering with his magic.

Even though Maximus had a steady stream of new knowledge and and magical items to experiment with, he always thirsted for more. He desired to become a master of magic. To learn all there is to learn, even if it were to drive him mad. He wanted to have the knowledge of the gods. To be able to control the world and shape it as he saw fit. The only true greed that Maximus had was not for money or power, but for knowledge. Maximus saw that though knowledge, he would be able to acquire everything else that he would need in this world.

At the age of 25, Maximus set off with a group of adventures to fight off a lich that was terrorizing the farmlands outside of the home port which he resided. He wanted to posses the spell book that the lich had. Maximus’s thirst for knowledge was not so vast that he didn’t recognize the need for self preservation. Shortly after entering the lich’s lair with his adventuring party, a magical trap was sprung by one of the fools in the party. Maximus realized how dire the situation had become after the trap was sprung. He decided that a tactical retreat was the best option and made it out of the lair right before the lich was able to seal all those who remained inside presumably to be turned into undead minions.

Two years later, Maximus was ready to set off for a search for knowledge again. He set off to meet fellow adventurers and seek his fortune in information.

Maximus the wizard

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